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Best Lithuanian polkas

Posted On:04.01.2020
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CD Smagiausios lietuviškos polkos (Best Lithuanian polkas)

In the beginning of 2006 the ensemble Lietuva released new CDSmagiausios lietuviškos polkoswhich includes melodies of popular dance in Lithuania – polka. In addition to “Kepurinė“ (“Hat”) and “Klumpakojis” (“Clog Dance”), the repertoire of the ensemble “Lietuva” involves hundreds of polka-rhythm songs and dances. You will find the merriest polkas in this CD. It contains authentic folklore melodies: “Kepurinė” (“Tetradance”), “Abelytė”, “Barborytė” (“Little Barbara”), Oželis” (“Goatling”), “Šiaudų batai” (“Straw Boots”); stylised folk dance melodies composed by J.Švedas, the initial artistic director of the ensemble: “Pasiutpolkė” (“Wild Polka”), “Polka su ragučiais” (“Polka with Horns”), “Lenciūgėlis” (“Chain”); songs and dances written by the contemporary Lithuanian composers: V.Juozapaitis’ “Jonpolkis” (“John’s Polka”), A.Bražinskas’ “Kūgiukas” (“Little Rick”), L.Povilaitis’ “Dunda grindys” (“Floor is Thundering”), G.Svilainis’ “Linksmapolkė” (“Merry Polka”).

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