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LIETUVA for Lithuania

Posted On:04.01.2020
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CD “LIETUVA Lietuvai” / LITHUANIA for Lithuania

This is the first CD of Lithuanian songs and dances performed by the Ensemble “LIETUVA”. The brightest pearl in the CD is the song “Lietuva brangi” by J.Naujalis, which accompanies Lithuania in its difficult paths of history…

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Lithuanian songs and dances performed by the ensemble “Lietuva” have delighted Lithuanian and foreign audiences for many years. Several generations grew up singing “Šėriau šėriau sau žirgelį” (“I was Feeding my Horse”) and dancing “Kepurinė” (“Hat”) or listening to “Medinis žirgelis” (“Wooden Horse”).

One of the gems is J.Naujalis’ “Lietuva brangi” (“Dear Lithuania”) – a song that has escorted Lithuania on its most difficult routes of the 20th century…

These forever young songs, dances, instrumental music will remind every Lithuanian, no matter where he is, of his native grange, twittering of birds, dewy meadows… You will be treated to songs and dances by J.Švedas, A.Mikulskis and E.Pilypaitis, the composers who started building the ensemble’s repertoire, as well as works by B.Dvarionas, A.Bražinskas, V.Juozapaitis and B.Kutavičius, the composers who were forming the national style later on.

The ensemble “Lietuva” presents you, its faithful admirers, with the rainbow of popular Lithuanian melodies – some of them have been known since post war years, some were newer additions to the ensemble’s repertoire.

Listen up – “LITHUANIA” sings to Lithuania… And there is the entire land in those songs…

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