Gods and Humans – Ensemble LIETUVA EN
Gods and Humans

Gods and Humans

Starts from: 2019 November 27

Start Time 18:30 End Time20:00

Valstybinis Šiaulių dramos teatras, Tilžės g. 155 Šiauliai

November 27th 6:30 p.m. – Šiauliai State Drama Theatre

Mystery “Gods and Humans” – one of the most impressive and mystical programs of the state ensemble LIETUVA – returns to the stage. It is a contemporary interpretation of Baltic culture – a dance and music performance, where records of modern music and dancing are intertwined with archaic sounds, lithuanian multipart songs and rituals. The experience is enhanced by innovative mystery scenography: the performers seem to act in live images displayed on a multi-layered projection – that’s how the sense of 3D view is created.

Mystery “Gods and Humans” reveals the relationships between gods of the Baltic religion and people, their love, passion and disasters. Perhaps the most intimate scene of the performance is the act of love. The subtly portrayed birth of life through dance will remind the power of love and a pile of divinity to create another human. Greta Frolovaitė and Adam Czaplis, dancers of the ensemble LIETUVA who also take part in the performances of Anželika Cholina, have been selected for the love scene.

The distant and enigmatic past attracts many inquisitives. The director of the performance Leokadija Dabužinskaitė decided to decode the Baltic culture. The author’s inspiration came from research of scientists and ancient folklore songs, the whole vision was enriched by stories of mythologists, historians and folk-art researchers. L. Dabužinskaitė is awarded with Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit to Lithuania by President Dalia Grybauskaitė.

The spring premiere of music and dance performance “Gods and Humans” brought full halls and many fans of culture and art. The event did not leave the audience indifferent: some of them got touched emotionally, others cried out in wonder or plunged to a mysterious and enchanting dream.

An even greater avalanche of excitement has flooded social networks. State ensemble LIETUVA received delightful comments on Facebook from audiences of all ages: “The highest level of fulfillment, such depth and professionalism! The heart sings while watching and listening, and the show embodies pride and dedication to Lithuania. Incredible mystery – thanks to its creators.”

Unusual tones, incantations and low-pitched sounds are just some of the breathtaking things. The mystery features original electronic versions of archaic hymns, multipart songs created by composers Linas Rimša and Aras Žvirblys, reinforced with engaging repetitions, primitive and meditative sounds. The musical performance “Gods and Humans” will be accompanied not only by the polyphonic songs performed by ensemble choir, but also by the throat, drone and folklore singing techniques.

Modern dance choreography was created by a well-known Latvian song festival choreographer Agris Danilevičs who is also founder of contemporary dance school “Dzirnas”. Other dance choreographers: Agnė Rickevičienė, Sandra Muningytė – Domingo, the director Leokadija Dabužinskaitė and the prize winner of the dance competitions Dainius Biskis.

Spectators will also see historical costumes of the Baltic tribes restored according to archaeological research. Costume and scenography artist – a famous theater scenographer Daiva Samajauskaitė, awarded with Golden Cross of the Stage. In the performance mythological gods are represented by collages composed of fragments of paintings by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis. The video projections were created by a performance visualization artist Rimas Sakalauskas, awarded with Golden Cross of the Stage too. The author of some of the texts is Vladas Braziūnas – a poet, translator and laureate of Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Art.

Beside the State Song and Dance Ensemble LIETUVA, there are also guest performers in the mystery: folklore soloists, dancers and actors.

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  • Author and director – Leokadija Dabužinskaitė
  • Composers: Linas Rimša ir Aras Žvirblys
  • Choreographers: Agris Danilevičs, Sandra Muningytė – Domingo, Agnė Rickevičienė, Dainius Biskis, Leokadija Dabužinskaitė
  • Costume and scenography designer – Daiva Samajauskaitė
  • Visual effects designer – Rimas Sakalauskas
  • Lights designer – Vilius Vilutis
  • Text author – Vladas Braziūnas
  • Music producer – Giedrius Svilainis
  • Assistant scenography designer – Kęstutis Baltrūnas
  • Assistant choreographers: Edgaras Suprunas, Loreta Putvinskaitė-Vičienė
  • Soloists: singers Rasa Serra, Gabija Adamonytė, Milda Pieškutė (VU ensemble “Ratilio“), Valentinas Krulikovskis, dancers Sandra Muningytė – Domingo, Greta Frolovaitė and Adam Czaplis (state ensemble “Lietuva”), Dainius Biskis
  • Others: State Song and Dance Ensemble “Lietuva” choir and dance group
  • Head of the ensemble – Edita Katauskienė
  • Art director – Giedrius Svilainis
  • Head of choir – Algimantas Kriūnas
  • Chief ballet master – Edgaras Suprunas
  • THANKS TO: M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art for digital copies of M. K. Čiurlionis works