Event date: 2022-08-27

Event starts: 20:00   Event ends: 21:00

Event place: Veisiejų dvaro parkas

Summer closing party “Summer near Ančia” and folk dance festival of the Dzūkija region “Susuksim sukcinį”. Concerts are free!

“Best Lithuanian Folk”

The best representative program of the state ensemble LIETUVA 
Lithuania is well-known for its complex multipart songs, earthshaking Polkas, authentic shepherds‘ instruments or eye-catching patterns on bright national costumes. It reaches a peak when thousands of artists get in one place and all together present spectacular performances at the massive traditional Song and Dance Festival.

What if we prove that? Get ready to explore the exclusive Lithuanian dance and music world! Choosing the “Best Lithuanian Folk” program is the most eligible way to the beauty of our national culture and the pride of the ensemble LIETUVA. It has gained global recognition and won several international awards over the years.

“Best Lithuanian Folk” is considered a classic ensemble program which contains the most impressive ensemble dances, Lithuanian multipart songs, witty humorous chants and virtuoso instrumental compositions. This is such a unique phenomenon of art that most of the traditions are included in the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Chamber version of dance movements, singing techniques and the spirit of the ensemble will remind the reason why UNESCO has proclaimed the tradition of the Song and Dance Celebration as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The tweaked, nourished for decades and time-tested program also introduces Lithuanian folk instruments such as Hammered Dulcimer (kanklės), Panpipes (skudučiai), Pipes (daudytės), Wooden Trumpets (mediniai trimitai), Recorders (lumzdeliai) and Folk Clarinets (birbynės). The performers display on the stage with Lithuanian national costumes revealing even more cultural gems. Men’s and women’s folk costumes feature a variety of colors, designs, textures, and patterns. Nobody could boast of wooden clogs, which belong to Lithuanians and breathe peasant times as well! 

State ensemble „Lietuva“

Performer composition: a folk instrument orchestra of 8-12 artists, a chorus of 8 to 16 singers, 4 to 8 pair of dancers 

In Total: 24-44 artists 


Duration: from 45 min. to90 min. without break 

Order performances from the following contacts: cultural project manager Marija Tarasova, phone +370 699 89 89 5, e-mail: