Event date: 2022-05-29

Event starts: 18:45   Event ends: 19:45

Event place: Biržų Šv. Jono Krikštytojo bažnyčia

We kindly invite you to our concert “From the Treasure of Music”, which became a part of the International Northern Lithuanian Music Festival “Biržai 2022”!

Could composers such as Georges Bize, Maurice Ravel, Gabrielius Fore and Richard Strauss have imagined that their works would be performed with Lithuanian national instruments such as lamzdelis, reed-pipes, panpipes or kankles?

In the concert “From the Treasure of Music” you will hear the orchestra of the state ensemble “Lietuva” playing all these instruments. In addition to its projects, which have received great support and interest from the people, the ensemble also organizes solo performances of the orchestra, specially including some of the most outstanding opuses in the world, which have already become classics, to show their authenticity and technical capabilities. With their exceptional performance, the works acquire a new sound and uniqueness, and the program “From the Treasure of Music” is a great opportunity to overcome the established stereotype that the ensemble’s repertoire is only the performance of folk music or dance.

As a guest conductor, one of the best Lithuanian reed-pipe virtuoso Vytautas Kiminius will join the orchestra of the ensemble “Lietuva”. The solo parts will also be performed by Ilona Pliavgo (soprano), a soloist of the ensemble “Lietuva” and a finalist of the TV project “The Voice”.


State ensemble “Lietuva” orchestra
Chief conductor – dr. Egidijus Kaveckas
Art director – Giedrius Svilainis
Head of the ensemble – Edita Katauskienė

Ilona Pliavgo (soprano)
Vytautas Kiminius (reed-pipe, guest conductor)
Arrangement – Rūta Raginytė (member 0f orchestra, lumzdelis)


The concert is free.

“Symphony of generations”

Imagine: in a symphony, the harp part is replaced by kanklės, Lithuanian lumzdeliai play instead of flutes and oboes, violins and wind instruments are replaced by folk reed-pipes, and the organ playing in recitative is replaced by panpipes. The orchestra of the State Song and Dance Ensemble “Lietuva” demonstrates how unique the works of J. S. Bach, W. A. ​​Mozart and B. Britten might sound then.

The first part of the concert features the Concerto No. 3 in D major, BWV 1054, for harpsichord solo and string orchestra by J. S. Bach, a prominent Baroque genius. The harpsichord part is performed by probably the most professional Lithuanian harpsichordist dr. Balys Vaitkus, and the string part adapted for the folk instrument orchestra is the orchestra of the ensemble „Lietuva“. The first part of the concert ends with the motet “Exultate jubiliate” of the most popular composer of the next era, the classicism period W. A. ​​Mozart, performed by Dovilė Kazonaitė (soprano).

The second part features W. A. ​​Mozart’s Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in D major, KV 314, performed by lumzdelis artist Rūta Raginytė. At the end of the concert, the famous XX century composer B. Britten work “Simple Symphony” is performed by the joint orchestra of the State Ensemble and the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, conducted by doc. dr. Aistė Bružaitė and doc. Egidijus Ališauskas.


Chief conductor dr. Egidijus Kaveckas

Leaders doc. dr. Aistė Bružaitė, doc. Egidijus Ališauskas


Dovilė Kazonaitė (soprano)
Rūta Raginytė (lumzdelis)
Dr. Balys Vaitkus (harpsichord)




Performer composition: Lithuanian folk instruments orchestra 12-16 artists, 2 soloists, 1 conductor.

Total: 15-19 artists.

Order performances from the following contacts: cultural project manager Marija Tarasova, phone +370 699 89 89 5, e-mail: m.tarasova@ansamblis-lietuva.lt