Event date: 2021-10-22

Event starts: 18:00   Event ends: 20:30

Event place: Mažeikių kultūros centras

The performance is postponed from April 3rd / October 22th 

Collage opera “Mažvydas”

About the program

The unique musical performance „Mažvydas“, combining history and poetry, real facts and creative freedom, tells about the birth of the first Lithuanian book – „Catechism“ – its author Martynas Mažvydas, his dramatic and complex life, the conditions, challenges and reality of Lithuanian dissemination in the 16th century, against the background of major political and religious changes.

The loss of a loved person, dramatic decisions and voluntary exile are only a small part of Mažvydas’ drama based on Justinas Marcinkevičius, which will be revived in the autumn after the March 11 premiere. Even the greatest fans of musical theater and the writer of bright memory did not remain indifferent to the breathtaking text, heartbreaking arias and music combining different styles – here everyone discovered things close to themselves.

This premiere of the project’s creator – State Ensemble „Lietuva“ – is one of the attempts to touch the classics, opening it up and making it its own, understandable and close to the widest possible audience. The collage genre, based on classical opera, unites various music styles, therefore the opera „Mažvydas“ combined the sound of national and symphony orchestra string instruments, brass and electronic music, film music and popular music style.



Mažvydas – Vladas Bagdonas / Giedrius Arbačiauskas

Mažvydas’ lover Marija – Monika Marija / Dovilė Kazonaitė

Mažvydas’ son Kasparas – Mantas Jankavičius / Rokas Spalinskas

Mažvydas’ stepson Kristupas – Rokas Laureckis

Mažvydas’ wife Benigna – Jovita Vaškevičiūtė / Joana Gedmintaitė

Lutheran priest, cousin of Mažvydas Vilentas – Saulius Vasiliauskis / Osvaldas Petraška

Monk-Inquisitor – Martynas Žukauskas

Artists: State Ensemble „Lietuva“



Director – Kęstutis Stasys Jakštas

Author of libretto and screenplay – Arnas Ališauskas

Composer – Jonas Jurkūnas

Chief conductor – dr. Egidijus Kaveckas

Scenographer – Gintaras Makarevičius

Costume designer – Olga Filatova-Kontrimienė

Choreographer – Aušra Krasauskaitė

Projection designer – Rimas Sakalauskas

Light designer – Audrius Jankauskas



Art Director – Giedrius Svilainis

Chief orchestra conductor – Egidijus Kaveckas

Chief Choir-master – Algimantas Kriūnas

Chief Ballet-master – Edgaras Suprunas



THE PROJECT WAS FINANCED BY: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania