Event date: 2022-07-03

Event starts: 14:00   Event ends: 15:00

Event place: Panemunėlio Šv. Juozapo Globos bažnyčia (Panemunėlis St. Joseph's Church)

Sacred music program „I believe“ invites to meet at Rokiškis Organ Music Festival! The concert will take place in Rokiškis district, Panemunėlis St. Joseph’s Church.

This year, Panemunėlis is the Small Capital of Culture of Lithuania. 

Sacred music concert “I Believe”

It is said that faith gives new strength and ignites light – especially during a difficult time for all of us. And it doesn’t matter what we believe – everyone is welcome in the new sacred music program “I Believe”. The divine sound of the choir and the sacredly rising Lithuanian national instruments are only a part of what the choir and orchestra of the State Ensemble “Lietuva” have prepared for their listeners.

The concert “I Believe” in a sacred environment will present newly created works by well-known lithuanian composers Donatas Zakaras, Vytautas Miškinis and Vaclovas Augustinas that are arranged for the orchestra of national instruments. Such an aura will give the works even more sound, color and creative spirituality.

The sacred music program “I Believe” was created and developed in cooperation with the Lithuanian Composers’ Union (Lietuvos kompozitorių sąjunga).

Composers: Donatas Zakaras, Vytautas Miškinis ir Vaclovas Augustinas

Chief conductor and Head of the orchestra – dr. Egidijus Kaveckas

Performers – State Ensemble „Lietuva“ choir and orchestra

Soloists – soprano Dovilė Kazonaitė / Ilona Pliavgo, Arvydas Jankus (reed-pipe)

Arrangement – Rūta Raginytė

Head of the choir – Algimantas Kriūnas 

Art director – Giedrius Svilainis